An Overview of Horse Supplements

When the horses participate in various events such as finishing endurance events or racing. By participating in various events they suffer from stress so you need to give them the best horse supplements in order to avoid poor performances.

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Sometimes horses suffer from specific problems, such as impaired muscle function, poor muscle development, fertility issues, injuries, or poor hoof quality. Other problems such as sweating from hard work will also need the use of supplements to replace lost electrolytes and salt.

As with any type of feed, supplements and feed balancers should be gradually introduced into the diet. In general, this introduction can typically take anywhere from 4 to ten days. Powders and liquid balancers should be mixed directly into the feed, while pelleted balancers can be fed on their own.

The exact amount of supplement that should be given to your horse will vary, depending on the type of balancer you use and the weight of your horse. However, no matter what amount is needed, make sure you measure the supplement thoroughly to prevent over-supplementing.

It is extremely important to know why, when, and how to use horse feed balancers. This information will help you keep your horse happy, healthy, and performing at optimum levels throughout the year.