Basic Tips to Prepare for Paddle Boarding During your Time in Fiji


If you’re traveling to Fiji for a vacation and wish to stay in shape with certain physical activity, then paddle boarding is considered one of the best. This activity is bound to test your skills on your physique but also full of fun. This challenging activity needs to be approached with proper care and consideration. These tips will help you to prepare for paddle boarding but also offer a fun experience.

  1. Look at the Sky – Weather plays a crucial role when it comes to paddle boarding or any outdoor activity. Therefore, it is important to look at the sky for bad weather as it known to cause strong winds. Strong winds then lead to difficulty in paddle boarding.
  2. Do Not Over Do – As a challenging activity, beginners should always consider their limits when it comes to paddle boarding. 1 hour is the ideal time every beginner should do this activity. Moreover, it is important not to panic as well.
  3. Wear Correct Outfit – paddle boarding being a fun water sporting activity requires one to wear the correct clothes. Make sure you are wearing that is bound to be fit and comfortable instead of wearing tight clothes. Along with the clothes, it is important to protect your skin by applying a sunscreen that is above SPF15.
  4. Learn the Basics –Learning a few basics before giving paddle boarding a go is a great way to start. You can watch a few helpful videos online to learn on learning to balance on water or changing direction.

The luxury islands of Fiji offer some of the best spots for paddle boarding.

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