Can You Guess the Top Direct Response Marketing Tag Line?

When you haven't recorded your telephone number with the don't call registry, I can practically guarantee that you get at least one call each week, typically during the dinner hour, telling you about some once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which you can't afford to miss.  In this article, you can get the best details about direct response media buying and direct response television companies.

Can You Guess the Top Direct Response Marketing Tag Line?

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There'll likely be a recorded message asking you to press one on your telephone keypad to consult with a sales associate and arrange shipment of a new service or product. It will normally end with the top direct response advertising tagline, “Do not miss this chance!"

This is one sort of direct response advertising. There are many more methods to direct response advertising, including a postage-paid response card or a coupon to cut from a magazine or newspaper and email in.

You're also likely to be knowledgeable about radio and television advertisements that finish with a request to you to call a toll free number to place your order. With the growth and expansion of the World Wide Web, you may also be asked to click on a picture.

The request that you respond in some way is the hallmark of direct response advertising. By definition, direct response advertising refers to a method of advertising or marketing a service or product by which you, the potential client, are requested to respond directly to the advertiser.

Here's a good illustration of the difference between direct advertising and direct response advertising.

You get a letter in the email that announces the publication of a definitive new book on a favorite subject.