Can You Kill Insects with an Ozone Generator?

Insects can plague your home more than anything else. It can be a frightening experience to have something crawl across your foot or hand while you’re relaxing on your sofa. It’s even worse if you’re in your kitchen and you see a roach crawl near or on your food.

This happens more often than you think, so you need to find a good way to remove them from your home. A bug control service is likely one of the best options if you have an infestation, but an ozone generator can help you get them away from your rooms if you have one.

Ozone can be pretty dangerous for living things, though. Humans and animals shouldn’t breathe in very much ozone, especially if it’s concentrated. All pets can suffer from negative effects, but birds are at risk most of all. If you use an ozone generator, make sure that you keep it sealed up in the room you’re trying to treat, regardless if it’s for bugs or odors.

Insects like roaches and fleas can be killed by it, but it will also harm you and your pets if you’re in the same room. Running it for about three or four hours a day for a week is optimal and will kill the bugs and their eggs.