Discover All About Outdoor Aluminium Venetian Blinds

You can now get outdoor aluminium venetian blinds for your home or office. They enable you to control the amount of light which is entering a room. Venetian blinds also add some appeal to the interior and exterior appearance of your house or office. Aluminium venetian blinds are attractive, lightweight and resistant to rust. They offer ample privacy and protection from harmful sun rays. They are fully adjustable. Moreover, they can be top or front mounted on your windows. Visit A1Blinds Melbourne for more information and keep reading to learn more about outdoor aluminium venetian blinds.

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Structure of aluminium blinds

These blinds are made from a special type of aluminium. It is known as Alulux. This variety of aluminium is lightweight and resistant to corrosion. It is also strong and malleable. As a result, you can adjust them in any way that you desire.

These blinds can be installed in the front or the top of the blind box. They can be added to your windows during the construction of the room. Alternatively, these blinds can be retrofitted into the windows of a completed structure. You can get the outdoor aluminium blinds in 3 sizes. These are 165, 180 or 205 mm.


There are various ways through which you can operate aluminium venetian blinds. They can be opened or closed by hand. This can be accomplished by pulling or twisting a special cord. For hands-free operation,

you can utilise a comfort motor drive button to open or close them automatically. If you want to enjoy maximum convenience with the aluminium venetian blinds, you can configure them such that they are operated using a remote-controlled motor. Here, you can use a special portable controller to open or close the blinds.


The outdoor aluminium venetian blinds use a roller shutter movement mechanism. Their shape provides ample privacy protection and generous light control as well. A unique feature of these blinds is that they save on energy. That’s because they use very little electrical power to operate.

These blinds provide insulation from cold or hot environmental conditions. In doing so, they help to keep you warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer. As a result, you can save on energy costs and reap a financial benefit in the long run.

The outdoor venetian blinds that are made of aluminium are creatively constructed. They can be placed to complement any style of architecture. They can also be painted to complement your exterior or interior décor. Not only do they provide an attractive addition to your building’s façade, they deliver full control over the lighting in a room.

These venetian blinds are strong and can withstand strong winds. Notably, motorised aluminium blinds can automatically roll themselves up into their box during high winds. The blinds are also resistant to freezing. However, it is not advisable to operate them in very cold conditions. That’s because the individual components may have ice in them and malfunction.

A classy and convenient way to control the light that’s flowing into a room is by using Venetian blinds. The aluminium type is attractive, effective and versatile. Its characteristics are described above. Investing in some outdoor aluminium venetian blinds is a great idea. They can keep your home or office cool and attractive for many years to come!