Egyptian Cotton and Bamboo Sheets Comparison Match Up

We are gathered here today to see how Egyptian cotton and bamboo sheets match up against each other. We will cover the basics with some information most may not know. Let's get started.

Egyptian cotton is made from extra long staple cotton, or at least the valuable Egyptian cotton is.  Any type of cotton grown in Egypt can be legally advertised as Egyptian cotton. Makes sense right?

Well, the FTC put pout5 warnings a few years back about people selling the short fiber cottons for long staple prices. No matter how they write the laws/policy or regulations, there will be loopholes. One way they get around them is by blending them. They can be sold as the high end Egyptian cotton as long as 5% of the cotton is ELS.

There are two ways to have a reasonable chance of buying the real ELS cottons. One is price. If the sheet set you are looking at is under 250 dollars, it's likely a fraud or a cotton blend. The second is thread counts. Real ELS cotton usually never goes over an 800 thread count because of the strength and length of the fibers. Lesser quality cotton needs much higher thread counts to make them feel like the real deal.

Bamboo sheets are actually rayon that has been made from bamboo. Even the FTC made rules that they must be advertised as Rayon or Viscose Bamboo sheets because there is a chemical change in the cellulose used from the bamboo plant. It's literally no longer bamboo.

Bamboo is much cheaper than real Egyptian cotton, but carries many other benefits, just as Egyptian cotton does. There is a lot more to this topic, and before making a purchase, I suggest you read the post Egyptian cotton vs bamboo sheets on Luxury of the Pharaohs to get the bigger picture.