Face care for men in the 21st century

Just 30 years ago, face care for men would have been considered a joke. The attitude was that men are macho and unconcerned about wrinkles, dry skin and the infamous 'turkey neck', with little concern about ageing gracefully. If you believe this, it's time to step in the 21st century. With everyone living longer, the focus on health and vibrant good looks applies not only to women – men have now developed an interest in face care for men – the products that keep men looking younger are certainly not called 'beauty products'. Nonetheless, the modern man now pays attention to those tell-tale signs of age. Here, for the uninitiated, we've got the rundown on nice skin for you men.

The old adage, 'You are what you eat', is where face car begins for everyone. The important nutrients for a good complexion include vitamins A, C and E, as well as the trace mineral, zinc. The fest sources for these nutrients are the produce aisle. Brightly coloured veggies (red, orange, and yellow) generally contain large amounts of vitamins A and C. Green, leafy veggies can usually be counted on for a good supply of vitamin A, while avocados in particular are the headliners in the vitamin E lineup of produce. A good diet is an essential component of a good face care for men regimen.

Woman have long known that a harsh, drying soap, such as the so-called 'deodorising' soaps, are not to be used on the face. While it may be convenient to clean your face with a soap that dislodges dirt and grease picked up working on your car, don't do it! A glycerin soap is what you need – it's non-drying and doesn't clog your pores.

Here's another insider tip on face care for men: after you wash and rinse your face, you want to close the pores of your skin. This helps keep your skin smooth and free of blackheads. While women may pay big bucks for expensive toners in the beauty aisle, a bottle of witch hazel from the drugstore is an economical, old fashion alternative that does the job just as well.

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