Handy Tips to Improve Cell Phone Reception

Despite your situation, there are methods to improve your cellular coverage.

Use Your Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi Calling allows using your broadband landline internet service provider (ISP) to make calls and also connect to the web. Nearly all large carriers support Wi-Fi calling on most of the newer smartphones such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG phones, Google Pixel, and other iOS & Android devices.

With your landline internet, connecting your Wi-Fi compatible cell phone should be able to help maintain a steady connection. Bear in mind, if your Wi-Fi internet speeds are weak or fluctuating, then it won't be much help, because now you have another device sucking up more bandwidth.

The Pros: a free method if you have landline internet.

The Cons: Zero use if you have lousy Wi-Fi or no landline internet service.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters

You can give a massive jolt to your incoming & outgoing cell phone signal.

Cell phone boosters use the existing cellular signal from the outside (regardless of weakness) then amplify 3G & 4G LTE signal up to 32X. Making it like a megaphone for your cellular service, therefore making the signal louder for your cell phone to find.  For information on Internet Antenna's click here.


Boosts 3G & 4G LTE for any phone on any carrier

One-time purchases with no monthly fees

Being connected to the internet or Wi-Fi is not required to work

Fully accepted and approved by all airlines

Money back Guarantee

A cell phone booster can help enhance your cellular service and coverage. However, improvement in quality is measured by the quality of the external signal. The primary cause of poor reception are building materials, but signal boosters bypass internal & external obstructions.

The Pros: Great at amplifying 3G & 4G LTE signal for urban or rural areas.

The Cons: Quality of amplified signal depends on the outside signal.