How To Find Cheap Wholesalers Online

Selling products online – on your own site or on a platform like eBay or Amazon – can be very profitable.   You often hear of millionaire 'power sellers' and people making thousands of dollars a month, even millions, selling online.

There are a number of key factors to succeed at this; building a good site, getting buyers to visit it and finding products at a low enough price to make a profit.  The final point is where your relationships with wholesalers really matters – finding and maintaining a good relationship with a supplier is key, and it's often hard to do.  The hardest part can be finding a reliable wholesaler in the first place.

Directories of wholesalers and dropshippers that provide lists of checked and verified suppliers are a possible solution to this.  The cost to join them varies from about $67 a year to join Salehoo to $59 a month for Doba and $299 (one off payment) for lifetime membership to Worldwide Brands.

Look at this worldwide brands article for more information about what WWB is and whether or not it's worth the rather large $299 membership fee.

The advantage to using a directory is that they are verified suppliers and you can search by product – Worldwide Brands, for example, has over 16 million products listed at wholesale prices.