How To Pass The EA Exam

If you are considering obtaining your enrolled agent license and you aren't sure where to begin, you will want to read this article, as we are going to be discussing how to best prepare for the exam.  Before you begin preparing for any standardized test, you will first want to go to the test proctors website and review any exam related materials they have provided.  Luckily for enrolled agents, the IRS does a great job of not only providing sample questions but also giving you a complete overview of the topics to be covered on the exam.  After you have reviewed the free materials, you will then want to select an exam prep course, such as the gleim ea review, to help you prepare for the exam.  Courses like the gleim ea review, not only provide you with workbooks and highlight all of the important topics but more importantly provide you access to an online testing software.

The great thing about courses like the gleim ea review and fast forward academy, is they have specifically designed their online software to closely mimic the actual proctor's software.  Students who have taken the gleim course, often remark on how taking the actual exam, seemed no different than taking one of the gleim practice tests.  The great thing about both courses, is they have hundreds of questions, many coming from prior versions of the test.  The great part of having such a large database of questions is not only will you be reviewing new materials, but more importantly, many of the questions on the actual exam will be the same or similar as past questions.  So, what that means to you as the test taker, is you will already know many of the answers to the questions presented on the actual test, giving you more time to focus on harder questions and a greater chance of getting a passing score on the exam.