Must Eat Food in Sandakan

The Sandakan city thoroughly enjoys its coastal location treats. Not only does it have a series of enchanting views and super scenic locations; Sandakan also gets the richness in food due to its proximity to the sea. The freshness of seafood and the aroma of the grilled fish combined with the enthralling scenery adds to its popularity as a tourist spot.

A list of Sandakan foods that should not be missed during the Sandakan day tours comprise of:

1. Ikan Bakar at Pasar Sim Sim

All the seafood lovers who visit Sandakan must try this aromatic, mouthwatering seafood, especially grilled fish, known as Ikan Bakar locally. The best way to get the freshest serving is to arrive early, mostly by morning, and eat here. If you come late in the evening, there is a possibility that the freshest pieces are sold. The grilled seafood includes not only fresh water fish, but also a variety of squids, crabs and prawns for the foodies to enjoy.


2. Borneo Ethnic Cuisine Restaurant

Known as the first “Ethnic” restaurant, the place is said to have brought the most authentic Kadazan food in Sandakan. A combination of Seafood with rice bowls and traditional drinks; the food is really delicious and popular among the locals as well as the travelers.

3. Seafood Bak Kut Teh

There are only 2 restaurants which serve this dish in Sandaka; one of them is Nam Chai Seafood. This particular kind of seafood soup is prepared with only the genuine Bak Kut Teh spices. These spices makes the food exotic in taste.

Hence, for the seafood lovers, there is not better place to go than the truly astonishing Sandakan.