Organizing A Pool Party For Your Pre-Teen

Courtesy: cdn2.momjunction

For most people who have younger kids in the pre-teens it is a hard job finding new things to do with them in the summers. An interesting idea would be to host a pool party and invite all their friends to it. Below are a few tips for doing so.

1. Sending invitations

You must send out all the invitations at least four weeks before the pool party. This is because with pre-teens you sometimes need to invite the parents as well who will find it easier to manage their schedules if told beforehand. Also make the invitations more fun by attaching personalized items such as sun glass or a small beach ball with it.

2. Plan out the food

You can have mini versions of different food items for the kids. Barbeques and burgers are mostly popular with both adults and kids. A good option would be to create boxes filled with multiple food items for each guest. In addition to this you can also have an ice cream bar at your pool party and drinks in inflatable coolers.

3. Decorate

You must create a pool party vibe by getting some interesting floats for your pool. You can even create a personalized banner and garlands for your party. Furthermore, also add beach items everywhere such as pool towels as table runners.

4. Find a pool

You can host the pool party at your own personal pool, but if you do not have one you can book one of the leisure pools in Townsville beforehand.

Therefore, follow these tips for hosting a successful pool party for your pre-teen.