Pescador Island Hopping and Kawasan falls in Cebu

A perfect day tour is experiencing all the sides of the coin. By combining water sports and a thrilling land adventure will definitely make a travel adventure worth reminiscing. Cebu, the Queen City of the South over time had been one of the top tourist destinations in the country and a consistent tourist visit had been recorded as well. In the province, the rural area of the south of Cebu has always been the most sought after places by foreign and non-local travelers visiting. It has all the activities that will surely meet their expectations and will definitely make them decide to come back for more adventures.

Locals have been working hard to make sure that the place remained untouched and vibrant as it was before while incorporating the new things that tourists will be experiencing during their tour. Tourist spots like Pescador and Kawasan falls which are the very few places wherein non-local and foreign travelers would want to spend their vacation. Pescador or the island itself is surrounded by fish sanctuaries which underwater activities are done; from free diving, snorkeling and recreational scuba diving as well. Kawasan falls are perfect for nature lovers on foot while a canyoneering activity can be incorporated during the tour.