Practical Gutter Cleaning Safety Tips

Is it time to clean your gutters? Use these gutter cleaning safety tips to ensure a convenient, fast and secure action:

Wear and use safety gear

Drain Cleaning may seem an easy, no-nonsense job but it's important to remember that you will be doing this job several feet off the ground, standing on a ladder rung or scaffolding. Make sure to use stable and reliable equipment and tools to prevent a fall or injury.

Practical Gutter Cleaning Safety Tips

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Start with a good, stable ladder that's long enough to reach a foot or so above the gutters. Make sure to lean the ladder on a solid area of the gutter. This will provide a solid footing and prevent you from falling out of balance.

Then use gloves. Gutters hold rotting debris and water, an environment that's great for the growth of molds, fungi, and bacteria. This is the reason you should never try to pick up debris and leaves out of gutters with your hands. From substance that may lead to an allergic response or an infection, you may prevent contact with work gloves or just your pair of rubber gloves.

If there are dust or fine particles, then you may use a face mask to prevent inhaling objects that are fine. Wear goggles or safety glasses. This is especially important when your gutter may include animal matter and bird droppings.

Because it might get tangled on objects don’t use clothing. Wear shoes or a pair of shoes that are enclosed and prevent slip-on or flip-flops. Shoes with good traction are going to keep you stable if becoming wet or moist.