Signs Its Time for a Pool Renovation

Signs its Time for a Pool Renovation

A swimming pool provides our homes with direct access to relaxation, and it is only right that we make sure that we can enjoy it for as long as we can. But as with anything, our pools get subjected to weather conditions and other factors that may negatively affect it, over time.

All too often, though, we tend to misconstrue what the signs of damage say and resort to temporary fixes. This is understandable because repairs can get costly, and maintenance requires a lot of time and effort. However, this can lead to the escalation of issues until, well, they warrant a complete fix.

Are your swimming pool in need of one? Here are some of the most important signs.


It is no longer as safe as it used to be 

One of the most important reasons that justify the expense is the safety of a pool renovations. If you have children, this is even more critical. In Australia, any swimming pool that contains a set depth of water must come installed with a safety barrier. If your swimming pool’s safety barrier is no longer working properly, fixing the issue immediately is a must. The longer you wait, the higher the security risk; besides, you may get in trouble with the law.

Another important consideration in the safety of swimming pools concern the drain and other types of covers that are involved in creating suction. If the covers are somehow compromised in any way, that could lead to untoward accidents – especially for children.


Components are breaking down

The specific materials that we have chosen for our swimming pool function well only up to a specific period. Vinyl pool liners, for example, have to be replaced after about 15 years; similarly, plaster surfacing may need to a redo after a decade. When these and other materials have reached the end of their projected life span, they will start to break down.

Additionally, other factors can speed up the wear and tear of swimming pool accessories and components. Harsh weather conditions, for instance, can damage your swimming pool. If you feel like you can no longer take a dip without worrying about upsetting an already damaged part of the pool, it’s time to consider a pool renovation.


Equipment may need to be modernised

If your swimming pool was built about a decade ago, chances are it may benefit from a redo. This is because some of the equipment that were used in its construction may have gone through developments designed for higher functionality, performance, and energy efficiency. Swapping out outdated equipment for newer ones that will pay back their initial cost over time is always a smart decision.

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