Tips For Kids Party Planning

The good thing is that kids are easy to please. However, they can easily lose interest in an activity. That's why it is good to include a variety of exciting games.

Popular kids party games include Bring Me, Trip to Jerusalem, and Pin the Tail on the Donkey. It is also important consider their age, because not all games appeal to all ages. You can visit to get more info on kids party planning.

Be creative and make up your own games. You can involve their favorite cartoon or storybook characters or host a 20-minute clown or magic show.

Having a mascot in the party is also a good option. If possible, include fixtures such as a swing, slide and seesaw around the area where kids can just play. Another thing that is very popular is to include the singing of some kids songs.

What foods do you recommend for kids parties?

At first the younger kids may be more interested in fun-filled games than food, but rest assured once you bring out the goodies they'll get excited.

Popular food options for kids include cheeseburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, ice cream, spaghetti, and cake. Kids also get excited when you decorate cups of ice cream with chocolate sprinklers or gummy candies on top.

However, introducing healthier food like raw vegetables with dips is an idea the moms will appreciate. Also, kids are more open to eat different foods when they are away from home. Don't be surprised if they eat them when they see other kids eating them.

Too much playing on a warm day can dehydrate kids, so make sure you have plenty drinks as well. Don't limit the choices to soda, but have juice, cold water and even milk available. Before planning the menu ask the kids parents if they have any food allergies, and if so, prepare accordingly.