Why Double Entry Business Visa Instead of Multiple Entry for Russia?

The Russian Visa invitation is a file that you need before your visa program. Never mind which Russian visa you're applying for, you will need to get visa invitation earlier. Without securing this bit of paper, you will not have the ability to enter this nation.

It can be from a Russian organization or company, Main Directorate for Migration Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. If the invitation will be delivered to you by a Russian firm or business, it has to be done on an official application form including all the listed information and above all the objective of your trip. Through Visa Application UK, you can get Business visa to Russia.

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For a normal tourist visa, this invitation could be a copy of the one that you received. But for a company multiple entry visas you'll need to send the first invitation together with your visa application.

Copy of the invitation is also adequate for both double and single entry visas. If it comes to these two sorts of visas, we can secure the invitation for both. And we can procure it for you instantly.

But, in the event, you are interested in the multiple entry business visas and you do not have past Russian visas, your invitation could be achieved, but you'll have to wait no less than 25 working days.

This is a result of the Main Directorate for Migration Affairs of Russia and the processing time of this government body. That is why we advise you to opt for a double entry business visa rather. You're going to get the invitation straight away and you will just have to wait for a few days to have your visa finished.