Why have a Private Island Wedding?


A wedding is one of the most important events in everyone's life and as such many look forward to make it a unique and memorable one. Many have begun to have their wedding on an island for a few good reason’s. These are some of the reason’s.

Everything is taken care of – When you book your wedding on a private island, everything is arranged and taken care by a professional planner. You do not need to run around organizing since all the flowers, catering and other service are taken care of.

A memorable experience – Having an island wedding is a memorable experience. You will have a beautiful background leading to a romantic wedding vows and amazing photographs. The best part of this will be the privacy offered with no random tourist walking into your ceremony.

On Beach dining experience – A beach side dining experience is beautiful, romantic and memorable. With the sand beneath your feet and the stars over your head, you, your partner and guests will experience an amazing dinner unlike any other.

Weddingmoon – Most private islands offer a wedding-honeymoon combo package. It offers you to kick-start your honeymoon immediately after the wedding. This save you time and money.

There a many private island vacation packages available which are not limited to just a wedding package. There are other great packages available to choose, from a weekend getaway to an anniversary package.